Drillbrush by Useful Products Ultimate Variety Brush Kit and All-Purpose Cleaning Paste - Soft, Medium, Stiff & Ultrastiff Brushes

Drillbrush by Useful Products Ultimate Variety Brush Kit and All-Purpose Cleaning Paste - Soft, Medium, Stiff & Ultrastiff Brushes

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Need a little of everything? This kit has every brush shape and every unique stiffness to make sure you always have the proper tool for the job, as well as the brand new Useful All-Purpose Cleaning Paste with 2 Scrub Pads.

  • The 4 and 5 inch flat brushes are best used on large flat areas like floors, tile walls, all types of tubs and showers, and even linoleum. If tilted at a 45 degree angle the flat brushes are also great for stubborn grout lines.
  • The bullet-shaped mini and original brushes can get into curved spaces like sinks and the base of a toilet. It's also great for tight corners and shelves built into the shower.
  • The 2 inch short and long detail brushes is best for small spots that get missed or need special attention. Instead of spending time and effort scrubbing small messes, just grab our 2 inch brushes and let your joints rest easy.

Our brushes are designed as attachments for use in the cordless drill that you already own. No need to buy another tool to sit in your closet! The higher speed and power of a cordless drill allows you to cut through messes up to twice as fast as standard cleaning methods. We've engineered our shafts and blocks to last, unlike our competitors whose brushes tend to break under heavy load or sustained use.

Each brush features:

  • Variable stiffness non-scratch nylon bristles
  • Steel shaft with a rust resistant nickel plating
  • Strong polypropylene plastic block for increased durability
  • 1/4 inch quick change shaft for use in any drill or impact driver

The Cleaner features:

  • 260g of Multi-purpose scrub paste that can be used on a variety of surfaces.
  • Two (2) 4 inch scrub pads.
  • The Soft White pad is used for polishing on glass and wood.
  • The Stiff Red pad is used for tiles, countertops, and fiberglass surfaces.
  • 260g Tub with screw on resealable lid.
  • Aromatic lemon scent. No strong chemical smell.

Our brushes are used for:

  • The soft white 2in. short is built for spot cleaning and detailing on delicate surfaces like molding, embroidery, window tracks, and upholstery
  • The ultra stiff black 2in. long is great at detailing grills, lawnmowers, and pipes.
  • The medium green 4in brush is made for flat kitchen surfaces, such as counters, stove tops, and cabinets.
  • The stiff red 5in brush is good at handling large flat surfaces outdoors, such as concrete floors, decks and patios.
  • The stiff red mini brush can get into corners and contours outdoors, such as vents, shutters, and windowsills.
  • The medium yellow original brush is built for bathroom cleaning in curved structures like sinks, tubs, and toilet bases.
  • All of our brushes feature non-scratch nylon bristles, and are designed to clean multiple surface types without scratching
  • Brushes can be easily cleaned under running water. You can also run our brushes through the dishwasher