Amaranth Vase 10" Smarter Vase for Floral Care

Amaranth Vase 10" Smarter Vase for Floral Care

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The Amaranth Vase completely transforms your floral experience! This water-draining vase allows for easy stem access for longer-lasting flowers. 

All you need for fresh and vibrant flowers are 3 easy steps: TWIST, DRAIN, and TRIM. 

This innovative vase is not just incredibly functional, it’s modern and beautiful!  It features a sleek 3D diamond modern design making it a statement piece. 

Crafted from a blend of marble powder and plastic, this unique vase is shatter-proof and virtually unbreakable. That means no more worrying about a vase falling over and smashing all over your floor. This exclusive blend of materials gives the vase a premium and luxurious feel. 

We can’t wait for you to experience the magic of the Amaranth vase!

Dimensions: 10"x3.5" 

Weight: 2.2 LBS

Materials: Impact Resistant Plastic/Marble Blend

*Flowers Not Included