ReflecToes High Visibility Reflective Running Gloves

ReflecToes High Visibility Reflective Running Gloves

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ReflecToes Fluorescent Reflective Running Gloves are lightweight, high-visibility run gear are specifically designed for jogging or running in cold weather. In low light, our ultra-reflective, comfortable gloves offer safety along with high visibility in motion. 

Our ReflecToes Fluorescent Reflective Running Gloves feature an anti-slip silicone rubber design with padded palms and capacitive touch technology for smartphone use, making them the ideal combination of comfortable and functional.

Rock our Fluorescent Reflective Running Gloves to stay warm and enjoy the outdoors in any weather!


  • 50% High-Visibility Reflection for Low-Light Situations
  • 50% Fluorescent for Day Glow
  • Smartphone Touch Technology
  • Anti-Slip Design
  • Inner Fleece Lining for Additional Comfort
  • Durable Material with Quality Stitching
  • All-Weather Compatibility
  • Available in Multiple Sizes


  • Be Safe Be Seen: 50% high reflective and 50% day glow fluorescent, and padded rubber grips for maximum road-safety.
  • Designed for Comfort: Warm, insulated gloves with thermal fleece lining for added comfort. Designed for men and women. 
  • Touchscreen Technology: These gloves allow you use the smartphone to its full capacity with "Capacitive Touch" technology while on your run.
  • Padded & Protective: Ideal for jogging between 20 and 60 degrees F (40+ if not active).