ReflecToes High Reflective Cycling and Running Socks

ReflecToes High Reflective Cycling and Running Socks

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  • Hi-Reflective Socks, Technical, Breathable
  • HTL Technology (Directionally Oriented Mirrored Spheres)
  • Durable Material
  • Moisture Wicking Yarns
  • Heel Locking
  • Arch Support
  • Weather Compatibility
  • Available in Multiple Sizes


  • Breathable for Optimal Air Flow: Mesh Knit on top of the foot allows the heat to escape and keep your feet cool.

  • Designed for Comfort: Moisture wicking yarn keeps your feet dry and comfortable.

  • Protective and Supportive: Arch-supporting elastic knit ribbing offers strength and stability for walking, running or cycling.

  • Versatile Socks with Improved Fitting: Heel locking design will prevent fatigue and won't let the sock move around on your foot.

  • Malleable Construction with Innovative Design: Lightweight, durable reflective socks will mimic the natural shape of your feet.

  • Wash Durability: ReflecToes Reflective socks will last over 50 wash cycles without cracking or peeling off of reflective material. 



  • 33-36 for S
  • 36-39 for M 
  • 39-42  for L 
  • 43-46 for XL 

US Men

  • 6-9 for L
  • 9.5+ for XL

US Women

  • 4-5.5 for S
  • 6-7 for M
  • 7.5-10.5 for L
  • 11+ for XL