Kodak 10 inch Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame with Touchscreen LCD Display

Kodak 10 inch Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame with Touchscreen LCD Display

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Kodak's 10.1-inch digital picture frame with WiFi features a 1280*800 IPS Touch
screen, 32GB storage, auto-rotation, and allows you to share photos and videos
from anywhere, making it an ideal gift for your loved one.

Main Features:

1. High-quality image display

This Kodak digital picture frame features a 10.1-inch touchscreen with a high
resolution of 1280x800 and IPS technology, which allows for clear and vibrant image
display from any angle. The frame's advanced image processing technology improves
the sharpness and color vibrancy of each photo, capturing and displaying the original
essence perfectly.

2. Multi-features

The Kodak Digital Picture Frame is a versatile device that comes equipped with a
wide range of built-in features, such as Photo, Music, Video, Alarm, Calendar, and
Weather. Moreover, it has a speaker that supports photo slideshows with
background music. This product helps you preserve your photos permanently and
also makes it easier to manage, edit, share, and save them. All the while, the device
displays your photos in an aesthetically pleasing manner, providing an enjoyable
viewing experience.

3. Large storage

This digital picture frame comes with a huge storage capacity of 32GB, which can
hold more than 8000 photos. Additionally, it supports SD card and USB drive
connectivity, which allows you to read the files and export the photos and videos
you receive for better album management.

4. User-friendly

This digital picture frame is user-friendly and can be easily connected to your Wi-Fi
network (2.4 GHz range). You can download a free app on your iOS or Android
mobile device or tablet and use it to upload photos and videos in real time, which
can be shared with your family and loved ones. There is no limit on the number of
users, so any family member can use it freely.

5. Smart auto-rotate design

Introducing the Smart Auto-Rotate Digital Frame, perfect for decorating your living
room, bedroom, or office. This frame comes with a wall-mountable feature and
auto-rotation technology, which intelligently recognizes the direction of the photo
and automatically rotates it to display in the correct orientation, whether mounted
on a wall or standing on a tabletop.

6. Perfect gift for loved ones.

The KODAK digital picture frame is a thoughtful gift idea for loved ones of all ages,

including parents, grandparents, newlyweds, graduates, and families separated by
distance. It's perfect for special occasions such as Mother's Day, Father's Day,
Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and other significant