Copper Compression CopperVibe Vibration+Heat Therapy Back Wrap

Copper Compression CopperVibe Vibration+Heat Therapy Back Wrap

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Start to feel relief in just 30 minutes!

The CopperVibe™ Vibration+Heat Therapy Back Wrap is innovative wearable tech that combines the proven therapeutic benefits of compression, heat and vibration to deliver fast, effective pain relief where other treatments have failed, offering natural on-the-go relief for stubborn lower back pain.

8 out of 10 Americans will experience some form of lower back pain in their lifetime. Individual treatments can be expensive and ineffective. CopperVibe addresses this need by delivering three of the most effective treatment techniques in a single affordable pain-relieving product.

Vibration increases circulation. Heat and gentle massage relax sore muscles. Add in the power of compression, and you have an unbeatable combination. Multiple heat & massage modes allow for personalized relief. A low profile, cordless design means relief on the go, which can be virtually anywhere thanks to the almost silent motor. And the comfortable odor-resistant copper-infused fabric means you can use as often as you need. 


  1. Promotes blood flow & circulation
  2. Helps relieve muscle tension & spasms
  3. Helps reduce muscle fatigue & soreness
  4. Encourages improved flexibility
  5. Soothes achy, overused muscles


  1. Maximum Copper Advantage™
  2. Precision CopperVibe technology
  3. Multiple vibration settings
  4. Adjustable heat settings
  5. Cordless charging for portability
  6. Up to 120 minutes of battery life
  7. Low-profile, light-weight design
  8. Ultra-quiet motor
  9. Odor resistant fabric