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Introducing Braking Bar, the world's first Collision Alert System for the driver behind you.

Hard Braking Causes a Crash every 3 minutes. When you need to stop quickly, the driver behind you reacts slowly. Let’s get their attention!!!
Braking Bar alerts following drivers with ultra-bright, pulsing red LEDs that activate upon hard braking allowing them to react up to 50% faster. It has a motion sensor and battery, so it simply sticks to your vehicle's rear window, completely wire-free. The installation is easy, fits nearly any vehicle, and the batteries last four years for the average driver!

Are you ever worried that someone is driving too closely behind you? What will happen when you need to stop quickly? Now, with Impulse - the Sudden Brake Alert warning system, the driver behind you is warned when you slam on the brakes with ultra-bright, pulsing LEDs, making them react up to 50% faster and preventing them from hitting you.

It happens all the time - maybe a child, dog or deer runs out in front of you, or traffic comes to a sudden stop because of an accident, or someone pulls out of a driveway and didn’t see you coming. Now, when you stop short, you can warn those behind you that you’re stopping quickly so they don’t hit you.

Did you know one-third of all accidents are rear-end collisions?  More than 1.7 million accidents every year… and climbing, thanks to all the distracted drivers looking at their cell phones. It’s a huge problem.

The revolutionary, Impulse Wireless Collision Alert System is a collision alert system for those behind you. The best part? There are no wires. It sticks to the inside of your back window. It installs in seconds. Then, when you brake so hard that the groceries in your trunk slide forward, a tiny weight slides forward in the product and trips a switch that activates the powerful lights.

Invented by an American Stanford-trained engineer, Impulse is ready to protect you and your loved ones. Whether you give Impulse to grandma, a teen driver, or your spouse and the kids, Impulse protects you and your loved ones when you need it most.

Brand new. Patented. Winner of the prestigious SEMA Launchpad award for the best new automotive item.