Trayble Device Holder Regular Trayble

Trayble Device Holder Regular Trayble

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Keep your favorite couch essentials within arms reach. Forget about constantly getting up and down or reaching all the way over to your coffee table to grab your food. If you have mobility issues or you just don't want the hassle of stretching your arms and back then Trayble is the perfect couch companion for you.

Multi-functional: Beyond just being a surface for your drinks and snacks, Trayble can serve multiple purposes and is perfect for hobbies, crafts, reading, and any other activity you enjoy doing on the couch.

Stylish, Sturdy construction: Crafted from high-quality sustainable bamboo material, Trayble is built to last with durability and style in mind.

New Design: Prop up your tablet or phone using our proprietary device holder that has two slots to accommodate different sizes.

For All Sizes Couches: The first thing you notice about this foldable table, is the heft of the hinge and clamp of the spring. It creates a 14” wide grip for the arms of medium to wide arms (4” Flat Arms all the way to 14” Round Arms!)

Space-saving: Not only does Trayble (13.75” x 9.5”) take up less space than regular tv trays for eating, but it also folds into itself – a compact 2” high – to store under the couch when not in use. It's perfect for smaller living spaces where a traditional end/coffee tables might not fit.

Gripping, Not Slipping: Our friction-generating foam grips do exactly that! They stop your tray table from rolling around so you can sit your drink next to the remote without worry. Combined with the longer 4x8” Legs they create an even larger gripping surface than similar tv tray tables.

Easy to clean: Spills and messes are inevitable. That's why Trayble is designed with a protective finish for easy cleaning. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth, and it's as good as new. 

Trial It, No Risk: We know it’s hard figuring out if this foldable table is small enough, or big enough for your sofa arm. So you got to try this couch tray and see because if it doesn’t save space or keep things handy and secure on any sized chair, you can return it within 30-Days for a refund.