Rush Charge RC960 Power Station

Rush Charge RC960 Power Station

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The Rush PowerStation is just the power station you need for backup or emergency power, whether you are camping in the middle of nowhere or charging power tools in your garage. This portable power station comes equipped with a variety of universal outlets to comfortably support your outdoor adventures or provide some respite during power outages. From charging a couple of phones simultaneously to powering a 12V refrigerator for more than two days, this power station can handle it all. Packed with practical features like a 218,400mAh battery, 15W wireless charging, an integrated flashlight, solar panel recharging capability, and top-notch durability, this easily portable power station is the supercharging device you need to save the day, or the night, indoors or outdoors.


— Qi Wireless Charger (15W)

— 2 AC Outlets (100V)

— 2 USB-A Ports (18W)

— 2 USB-C Ports (60W)

— DC (12V/4A)

— Car Charger Output (12V/10A)

— 15W Max Wireless Charging For One Device At A Time

— Integrated 400lm Flashlight (Dimmable With SOS)


  • DC
  • AC

Product Details

  • Colors: Black, Green
  • Materials: Lithium Cobalt Oxide, Graphite, Copper, Aluminum, Plastic, Metal
  • Measurements: 13.77"L x 9.44"W x 6.69"H
  • Weight: 17 lb
  • Origin: China

— Warranty: Manufacturer's 60 Day

— Universal Compatibility

— Automatic Device Detection

— Solar Panel Recharging Capability (Solar Panel Not Included)

— Overcharge Protection Exceeding 60A

— Quick Charging Capability

— Compatible With Pass Through Charging

— Compatible With Most iPhones, Samsung Phones, Google Phones, Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, Video Game Controllers (PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X), Bluetooth Speakers, and More


— AC Charging Cable

— AC Charger Adapter (100V-240V)

— Car Charger Plug

— Solar Charging Cable (Solar Panel Sold Separately)

Technical Details

— Battery Type: Lithium Ion

— Total Capacity (mAh): 218,400 mAh

— Battery Charge Time: Approximately 8.5 Hours

— Battery Lifespan: More Than 500 Charge/Discharge Cycles

— Solar Battery (Electricity): DC 18V 7A Max (Solar Battery Sold Separately)

— DC Input/Charge: DC 12V-30V 7A Max

— AC Output: AC110V±10% Sine Wave 50Hz, 60Hz Switch

— AC Continuous Output Power: 800W

— AC Max Output Power: 960W (3min)

— Over Current Protection: 60A (inside of this product)

— Operating Temp./Humidity: 0-40°C, Humidity 20%-90%RH

— Storage Temp./Humidity: -10-55°C, Humidity 5%-95%RH