POPDARTS PopGolf™ Board Edition Complete Set

POPDARTS PopGolf™ Board Edition Complete Set

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Introducing the PopGolf Board Edition Complete Set!

  • This is the Golf version of the Popdarts Board Edition!
  • Tee off in Popdarts style as we take on a brand new Board Edition. Inspired by the classic Popdarts Board Edition, but with an exciting golf twist—multiple scoring zones are in full swing! But remember, don't slice your shot too far off the fairway, or you might find yourself in the water hazard or stuck in the sand trap, earning those dreaded negative points! Can you get the first hole-in-one? This is the hardest Popdarts shot yet!


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What's Included?

  • 1 PopGolf All-Weather Board
  • 1 PopGolf Board Edition Carrying Bag
  • 2 Magnetic Score Keeper Pieces (White and Orange)
  • 1 Progress Poster to Track Your Skills
  • 1 Rules Guide (on the back of each board)
  • PopGolf Darts (Exclusive White and Orange only found in the PopGolf Board Edition)
  • Target Marker not needed and not included.

Rules are Simple!

  • Start the game with 2 teams. Singles (1 per team) or Doubles (2 per team).
  • Opposing teams have 3 Popdarts each and alternate throwing from the same side.
  • When all 6 Popdarts have been thrown, count up the points using cancellation scoring.
  • The team that is awarded points starts the next round.

How to Score!

  • Each Popdart entirely within a designated area receives the assigned points.
  • If a Popdart is overlapping two or more sections, it defaults to the lowest section that it is touching.
  • Use "cancellation scoring". The points of one team cancel out the other (9 white - 6 orange = 3 white).
  • When a team has a net negative score, the winning team adds their positive score, while the losing team subtracts their negative score. A team cannot go below zero total points.
  • Play multiple rounds. First team to reach 21 or more points WINS!

Key Features!

  • PLAY ANYWHERE: Inside/outside with our 100% all-weather aluminum boards, stainless steel hardware, and powder-coated steel frame. Popdarts is perfect for the backyard, parks, tailgating, gymnasium, and especially your living room. We stand behind our products and make sure they are built to last!
  • SKILL REQUIRED AND FUN TO LEARN: Learn how to throw and master the technique by watching our detailed throwing tutorials. There is nothing more satisfying than sticking them every time! Scan the QR code on the box to help you get started or go to YouTube and type in, How to throw Popdarts?
  • WHY CHOOSE POPDARTS? In a world that isolates us with devices, we bring you a game that brings friends and family of all ages together, fuels creativity, and challenges abilities!
  • HOW DO YOU PLAY AND SCORE? Please see the rules located on the back of each board for a detailed picture with playing and scoring instructions. 

How long do they last? 

  • Our Popdarts® do not "wear out".  They are super durable and if they get dirty just simply rinse them off and keep on poppin'! The pieces are dishwasher safe as well. :)

Is there a score keeper?

  • We designed a magnetic Score Keeper right there on each board so you don't have to pull out your phones. 
  • If you prefer the digital version, you can always go to Popdartsgame.com/pages/scorekeeper
  • Navigate from our website each time or save the page to your home screen for quick access.

Thank you for supporting Popdarts and we can't wait for you to join the PopGolf Fam!

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