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Pixicade Pixicade™ Pets

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  • #1 FUN LEARNING TOY- Kids and teens use colored markers and paper to design their own virtual pet worlds. Care for and play with your very own virtual pets, created by you! Simply draw your pet on paper, snap a pic of it, and then watch as your pet magically comes to life on your phone or tablet. Pixicade is an activity that provides kids with positive screen time, the only limitation on Pixicade Pets is your imagination!
  • BEST GIFT IDEA FOR KIDS AND TEENS— If you are looking for a favorite gift for boys and girls ages 6, 7, 8, 9, 10+, then you have found the ultimate toy for birthday parties, Christmas, and reward incentives! This is a game you will feel good having your kids play for hours at a time.
  • CARE FOR YOUR PETS- Care for the pet you create by giving them food, water, and treats. Bathe, style, clean up after them, and vet them to keep them healthy. You can also play with and train your pets and help them make new friends! Build a friendship with your pet by spending time with them.
  • EXPLORE YOUR EPIC PETS WORLDS- Explore the amazing worlds your pets call home in the Pixicade Pets app! Discover amusements for your pets like slides, waterfalls, and bubble jets. You can play pets mini games or games in the Pixicade Arcade, travel to your friend's worlds for a pet play date, and shop for must have gifts and accessories.