Gorilla Fitness Gorilla Bow Lite

Gorilla Fitness Gorilla Bow Lite

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Easy to hold, easy to use, and nearly impossible to put down. Gorilla Bow Lite is designed to tone, tighten and burn fat. Perfect for high rep, high intensity total body workouts; for anyone who doesn’t need the full size and weight capacity of the original Bow. The Gorilla Bow Lite weighs only 3lbs. and measures 41.5 inches in length with a capacity of up to 150lbs. of tension.

Your Gorilla Bow purchase also comes with 60 days of access to live & on-demand classes with Gorilla Bow All-Access Membership. Check your email post-purchase for instructions and download the Gorilla Bow app on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Gorilla Bow Lite includes: 

  • Gorilla Bow Lite
  • (3) Double-Wall Gorilla Bands ((1) 30 lb., (1) 20 lb., (1) 10 lb.)
  • Gorilla Bow Lite Accessory Case with Drawstring and Spring-Clasp Cord Lock Closure
  • Gorilla Bow Band Wrap
  • 60 Days of Gorilla Bow All-Access Membership