Bell+Howell® Bell+Howell inview BHDC1 1080p Door Bell Camera + BHCH1A Chime Kit

Bell+Howell® Bell+Howell inview BHDC1 1080p Door Bell Camera + BHCH1A Chime Kit

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Monitor your home from your smartphone or tablet with the all-new Bell+Howell inview™ Video Doorbell Camera. With 1080p HD video, 110° super wide field of view and night vision, the Bell+Howell Video Doorbell makes monitoring your home easy and convenient. Get instant alerts when people press your Doorbell or trigger the built-in motion sensors, and see, hear and speak to visitors in real-time from your smartphone or tablet using the Tuya app.

1080p Full HD Video Resolution

The doorbell delivers life-like 1080p full HD video and gives your video greater vividness and clarity than standard-definition video.


 Infrared Night Vision Mode

The advanced infrared LEDS illuminate your surroundings for a clear view at night or in dark settings.


Tuya App Integration 

Using the free Tuya app to get motion alerts, see a live view, hear and speak through the doorbell, review recorded events* and review cloud footage**.

*recording will only operate with a MicroSD memory card, not included **subscription required, not included


Water and Dust Resistant

IP54* Water and Dust resistant keeps your doorbell safe from the elements even during the fiercest storms.

*when installed with the mounting bracket


High Capacity Rechargeable Battery Pack

A large capacity 5,200mAh battery provides power to keep your doorbell running in between charges.


2-Way Talk

Use Tuya to activate the built in microphone and speakers to hear and speak to people in real-time and check-in on your property at any time.


Live View and Instant Alerts

Check-in on your property at any time by using the Tuya app to see a live view. Get instant alerts when someone rings the doorbell or the motion sensor is triggered.


Chime Accessory

The included chime accessory will alert you from any room in your home, without the need for a smart device, when someone rings the doorbell. Choose from 35 different ring tones and 4 different volume levels to customize your chime.