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The Apollo II Series from PHOOZY.  While it offers enough protection for your phone to summit Everest and still be able to take a selfie, the modern silhouette and materials are designed for urban every-day-carry. Our award-winning technology is integrated into adventure-ready form for the ultimate “city-to-mountain” crossover gear.  Our layered matrix of premium technical materials strikes an ideal balance between function and form for every adventure.

Our patented Chromium Thermal Barrier reflects more than 90% of the heat of the sun away from your device while insulating from cold temperatures to extend battery life up to 4X!

Provides drop protection that exceeds the military standards by 2X to protect your phone from drops up to 8 feet while still maintaining our legendary ultralight, slim design.

Don't worry about losing your expensive device to the bottom of the ocean or lake again inside this floating phone case with integrated SinkProof technology. It's THE lifejacket for your phone.

Features materials originally developed by NASA for use in spacesuits, insulate your device in cold temperatures to extend battery life up to 4X vs. not using a PHOOZY. The NASA materials also help reflect more than 90% of the heat of the sun away from your device to help maintain a safe operating temperature for a longer period of time.

Medium Size:

Please measure your phone case to fit the Interior Dimensions 6.0" x 0.40" x 3.0"

Made for iPhone 8/X/XS/12/13/14/15/11-15Pro,12-13Mini, Galaxy S10/S20/S21/S22/A12/A20, Pixel 4/4a/5, iPhone Minis/10-14/11-13Pro,Galaxy22 and most medium size phones. *Bulky Otterbox cases may require the Large.