The Perfect Presents with SnuggleBack and Pivo

The Perfect Presents with SnuggleBack and Pivo

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29 November, 2023

The Perfect Presents with SnuggleBack and Pivo

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Deals That Make Gifting a Breeze!

Explore incredible shopping deals for the holidays featuring SnuggleBack and Pivo! SnuggleBack introduces the world's first office chair blanket, providing unparalleled comfort and warmth in any office setting. This soft and innovative blanket seamlessly drapes over your chair, enhancing your work experience with coziness and convenience. Pivo Pod revolutionizes self-filming with its 360-degree rotation and auto-zoom. Attach your smartphone, pair via Bluetooth, and effortlessly capture captivating videos. With Pivo's 360 Auto Tracking, filming yourself has never been simpler, offering freedom and portability for a seamless experience. Hurry and grab these deals now!


Deal: $37.49-$44.99

Retail: $49.99-$59.99

(While supplies last)


Introducing Snuggleback, the world's first office chair blanket. Experience unparalleled comfort in any office setting and stay cozily warm! Crafted with the softest fabric, this innovative blanket effortlessly drapes over your office chair, delivering a cozy embrace while you work. Whether for a quick break, a prolonged work session, or moments of relaxation, the Snuggleback Original Chair Blanket provides warmth and comfort, elevating your office experience to new levels of coziness and convenience. Grab this great deal for the perfect gift!

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Deal: $111.99

Retail: $199.99

(While supplies last)

44% Off

Filming yourself has never been easier. Introducing Pivo Pod: Your personal filming solution made easy! Effortlessly film yourself with its 360-degree rotation and auto-zoom feature. Attach your smartphone, pair via Bluetooth, and watch Pivo Pod follow your every move. Experience seamless 360-degree rotation and automatic zoom, making capturing captivating videos of yourself in action effortless. No more relying on others for assistance or hiring a cameraman. Pivo's 360 Auto Tracking keeps you in the frame while you move freely. Like having a personal coach, it's compact and portable for on-the-go convenience. You can't miss this deal! Get one for yourself, and gift one too!

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