TheraICE Rx Headache & Migraine Relief Cap

TheraICE Rx Headache & Migraine Relief Cap

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Do You Suffer From Severe Headaches?

We all have experienced a headache at least once in our lifetime. Some of us suffer from headaches regularly, and even migraines. I think we all can agree that any kind of head pain SUCKS!

Well look no further because we have the perfect solution for you! Introducing the TheraICE Rx Headache/Migraine Relief Cap!

The Answer To All Your Problems!

  • The Perfect Amount of Pressure!
    The Headache Cap was specifically designed to provide you with the perfect amount of compression to help soothe your headache or migraine even while sleeping.

  • Can Be Worn Two Ways!
    We've made multitasking that much easier! Wear your Headache Cap while watching your favorite television show or finishing up some work by wearing it above your eyes.

  • Leaders in Cold Therapy!

    Your Headache Cap should stay cold for approximately 10-12 minutes to help achieve the relief you deserve!

  • NOW Available in PINK!

    Want options? In support of Susan G. Komen and Breast Cancer Awareness, the Headache Cap is NOW available in PINK

Hot vs. Cold Therapy

The TheraICE Rx Form Fitting Gel Ice Headache / Migraine Relief Cap is a cold therapy migraine relief mask with NO Velcro and NO hard Ice, creating easy use for all users. Being the leaders in cold therapy, we know that not everyone prefers cold to soothe a headache. But do not worry, we have the answer for you! The TheraICE Rx Headache Relief Cap doubles for heat therapy. See how to use below:

  • Remove your product from any plastic bags.
  • Make sure the product is NOT cold and has reached room temperature (VERY IMPORTANT).
  • Microwave starting at 20 seconds and add in 10-second increments to get your desired temperate

* All microwaves may vary.*

Sit Back, Relax, & Relieve

Welcome To The Family!

If you are familiar with the TheraICE Rx Hot or Cold Compression Sleeve, then you're going to love this! The TheraICE Rx Headache/Migraine Relief Cap helps inflammation, tension, sinus & stress relief, and puffy eyes. Ideal for men, women, and kids who suffer from frequent headaches, migraines, or facial tension. The one size fits all stretchable compression mask is a perfect fit for everyone!

One of A Kind In Its 360° Form Fitting Design

As you lay in bed or on your comfy couch, its soft gel design won't put undo pressure on specific areas like a hard ice pack insert. Just pull this cold compress over your eyes, face and head. Great for eye, cranial, facial tension, and stress relief.

Expert-Grade & Cutting Edge!

Simply freeze in a Ziplock bag for 2 hours or more between uses. The thick gel, combined with the dark color of the mask, will help alleviate light sensitivity when experiencing a migraine or headache. This natural remedy cold pack is safe for daily use. The compression mask effectively supports and compresses the face, eyes, and head to get all areas as needed.