The NON SHEDDER + Bandana exclusive set

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Special Offer

Ships by Feb 01, 2021

PRIDE+GROOM is thrilled to introduce our gift box set of THE NON SHEDDER shampoo and THE FINAL COAT conditioner formulated especially for your non-shedding dog’s hair coat.

THE NON SHEDDER SHAMPOO contains all-natural ingredients such as calendula and quinoa which serve to cleanse, hydrate and detangle leaving your non-shedder’s locks silky and smooth

THE FINAL COAT CONDITIONER is the perfect finisher for the bath—its rich, emollient formula detangles, moisturizes, and adds long-lasting head-to-tail shine

Our clean, signature scent leaves the coat smelling amazing for days—turning your dog into walking air freshener

No pump! Our signature cone-shaped tip means no wasted product and easy one-handed application.

The EXCLUSIVE bandana with our motto " In dog we trust" makes it the perfect gift for the dog parents in your life!