Super Slateplate Serving Board - 12" x 24"

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Our largest slate offering, and also the largest you are going to find anywhere. Perfect for parties, as a serving tray, large place setting or outside dining area.

- Each Slateplate is hand-worked in North Carolina from North American black slate
- Unlike other slate, each Slateplate is hand-smoothed and guaranteed not to flake or harm you or your surface with sharp edges
- Each Slateplate comes with a stick of non-dusting, soapstone chalk to tag your cheeses or leave a message
- Your Slateplate can be chilled in the freezer or warmed in a warming oven (up to 200F) before serving
- Each Slateplate has clear, non-slip acrylic feet to make it easy to lift from the table
- Only Slateplate is dishwasher safe