Bolaball 4 in row Family

Bolaball 4 in row Family

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Ready to take your outdoor parties to the next level Tired of boring barbecues and game nights Want the perfect game for the whole family Then you're ready for Bolaball's Giant Four-in-a-Row game set! This game is truly fun for all ages, and it is sure to get the party going. Even for family nights, it's important to have an activity that engages everyone, from parents to teens to kids.

This strategic game is a blast for everyone and a great way to connect. Work as a team to solve problems, strategize against the other team, and of course, have a blast. Keep the party going with this game set at your next outdoor gathering. In case rain or bad weather gets in the way of your event, no stress!

Our huge game board can easily fit on most kitchen tables or even the floor of your living room. You can also use multicolor discs to create vibrant patterns and designs. There's no wrong way to play! Keep connecting and party on with Bolaball's extra-large game set.

Bolaball is a company based on our deep family values and we strive to provide the highest quality product at an affordable so everyone can enjoy our games.

Our games are about whirling bola, spinning bean bags, sinking washers, flying discs and much more. We specialize in high quality, solid wood games that your family and ours can enjoy for years to come. We work with many innovative inventors to provide fun and exciting games for you and your family to play.

So clear your schedule, finish your chores and take a vacation day because once you get started playing our gamesothing else will matter! CAUTION: our games are seriously addictive!

Product Features:

EVERYTHING YOU NEED: Everything you need to revolutionize your family game night is right here. The Bolaball 4-in-a-row set comes with one collapsible, high-qy plastic gameboard, detachable legs, 42 plastic coins (blue and yellow), and an instructions pamphlet.

  • GIANT FOUR-TO-SCORE BOARD: This extra-large Four-in-a-Row game is great for big families or a group of friends. Play one-on-one or as a team. This size can be played on an indoor table or in the backyard.
  • BACKYARD GAMES: This huge party set is perfect for the outdoors, as it is played with big connectable dots that won't get lost in your yard. Never worry about losing your playing pieces again!
  • HUGE PARTY PLAY SET: If you're hosting a picnic, carnival-themed birthday party, summer BBQ, or camping trip, this patio game is a must-have. Outdoor activities for all ages have never been more fun!
  • EASY-TO-USE EQUIPMENT: Our jumbo plastic set is easy to take apart and set up with tri-folding panels, making storage a breeze. Made from high-quality plastic, this set will last game after game.
  • COGNITIVE GAMES FOR KIDS AND ADULTS: Test your brain, and do more than just party on. Sharpen your problem-solving skills and work as a team to win the game. Plus, help your toddler or kid to develop coordination while they have fun!
  • GIGANTIC FAMILY FUN: This jumbo 4 connect in a row is the perfect way to bring your kids and family together with something new! Simple yet strategic gameplay ensures that it is fun for all ages! Little kids will have a blast placing the massive coins in this oversized version of a beloved board game. On the other hand, there is plenty of opportunity for more competitive games between adults and teenagers!
  • EASY TO STORE AND TRANSPORT: The Bolaball Giant four connect in a row lawn game can be played anywhere. The legs come off and the whole game board collapses into three sections for easy transport so that when you pull out your huge 4 connect in a row game, setup is a breeze! Take it to any family get-together, lake party, beach party, tailgate party, birthday party, or any kind of get-together! It can be played indoors, outside, or in your own backyard!
  • DURABLE FUN: The Bolaball outdoor 4 connect in a row Family Edition game is made of high-quality plastic. We pride ourselves in high-quality games that are meant to be played inside and outside. Whether you are an adult or want to play with your family this game will last you for years to come.
  • HOW TO PLAY: Each player takes turns dropping in one of their colored coins at a time, red vs blue. The goal of the game is to connect 4 of your coins together in a line horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Pull out the slide on the bottom to release the coins and play again!


How to Play


Great Gift Idea

  • GREAT GIFT Idea: Ideal for parents, friends with kids, or when youe hosting outdoor adult game night.
  • OUR BRAND: We specialize in high-quality, solid wood games that provide genuine fun for your family.

Product FAQs

Q: How big is the Giant Four-in-a-Row game set

Ans: The Giant Four-in-a-Row game set is extra-large and can easily fit on most kitchen tables or the floor of a living room.

Q: Is the Giant Four-in-a-Row game set suitable for all ages

Ans: Yes, the game set is fun for all ages and perfect for family gatherings or outdoor parties.

Q: Can the game set be used indoors as well

Ans: Yes, the game board can be used indoors on kitchen tables or living room floors.

Q: Are there specific rules to play the Giant Four-in-a-Row game

Ans: There are no specific rules, allowing players to create their own strategies and patterns with the multicolor discs.

Q: What makes Bolaball's Giant Four-in-a-Row game set unique

Ans: Bolaball's game set is designed for engaging everyone in the family, promoting teamwork, problem-solving, and fun at any gathering.