Squeaky Clean Whiteboard Cleaner, 8 oz.

Squeaky Clean Whiteboard Cleaner, 8 oz.

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Keep your dry-erase boards, markerboards, and whiteboards clean, healthy, and functional with Squeaky Clean Whiteboard, an alcohol and hydrogen peroxide-based scented cleaner and conditioner.

  • Safely removes persistent ghosting, shadowing, dirt, grease, tough stains, and other marks
  • Leaves your whiteboard clean, shiny, and smelling delightfully clean
  • Ships in a slender, heavy-duty spray bottle echoing the modern, elegant lines of our other whiteboarding products

Use Squeaky Clean Whiteboard when:

  • You’re worried about germs, but you don’t want to damage your whiteboard
  • You want to clean your whiteboard and condition the surface
  • You want to leave behind a clean board and the sweet scent of vanilla
  • You have a soft cloth for erasing

Simple to use:

  • Spray whiteboard
  • Let set for 20 seconds
  • Wipe with a soft cloth