Anti-Breakout Wand with Blue Light Therapy & Warming Massage

Anti-Breakout Wand with Blue Light Therapy & Warming Massage

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The SolaWave Wand with Blue Light Therapy is an award-winning, compact at-home skincare tool. It combines three proven technologies that fight against breakouts, boost the effects of serums & topicals, and improve your skin's radiance.

Designed for acne-prone skin, this product combines Blue Light Therapy, Therapeutic Warmth, and Facial Massage. Save time and money--this replaces the need for 3 devices that would cost over $300 when purchased separately!

Use for 5 minutes per day. Portable and safe for all ages. Rechargeable; ships with USB charging cable. Great gift idea for anyone you know struggling with blemishes!

Results within 30 days or your money back--guaranteed!

As seen in:
Forbes, Good Morning America, Vogue, Allure, and many more!

How to use:

To use, start with a clean hydrated face. We recommend using a serum like our Renew Complex, also available here. The Wand is touch activated (there is no on/off button), so once you touch the wand to your skin, it will activate. Glide the wand in an upward, outward motion. You can hold it over trouble areas longer to focus on clearing blemishes.


"I love easy this tool is to use and how effective it is. It’s the perfect size for traveling and I’ve already noticed a huge difference in my skin after just two weeks. I’m a huge fan of this product" - Elizabeth, 18.

"The glow up you didn’t know you needed. Solawave’s blue light wand targets dark spots, blemishes, acne and rejuvenated the skin entirely. The glow this product provides after each use is fascinating. The wand vibrates and warms up while on, creating the most amazing feeling for anyone looking for the perfect spa/facial product to add onto their skincare routine." - Liliana, 20.

"I've been using this device mornings and evenings for a few weeks now and observed very nice changes to my skin: my pores became smaller, the few spots I had disappeared, blackheads diminished, and the color of my face definitely improved." - Ana, 28

Included in box: 
  • Wand
  • Charging cord
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Instruction Manual