Buy 1 Get 1 - SockDock® Sock Laundry Tool

Buy 1 Get 1 - SockDock® Sock Laundry Tool

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Buy 1 set of SockDocks, get 1 set FREE!

SockDock® Sock Laundry Tool keeps socks in pairs in the washer & dryer; and neatly stores clean socks in your closet, so you NEVER have to sort, match or search for socks EVER again! 

JUST 3 EASY STEPS…(Hang empty SockDock® near hamper)

  1. After removing socks from feet, place the dirty pair between the bottom 2 sliders. Adjust the top slider down to secure socks.

  2. Once full of dirty socks, remove the foot-shaped hanger and toss the SockDock® into the washer & dryer along with other laundry.

  3. Hang SockDock® with clean socks neatly in your closet.


Features & Benefits:
* Wash, dry & store socks
* 2 pack – one for clean socks, one for dirty socks
* Each SockDock® holds 9 pairs of socks
* Works with any size socks (baby – adult)
* Washer-safe, dryer-safe (certified by Bureau Veritas Laboratories)
* Cord will not fade or bleed
* Also works with headbands, gloves, hats, scarves, undergarments & onesies
* Saves time, saves money & makes the home less chaotic