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SEALS: The Solution to Foggy Glasses (2 x microfiber masks + 3x anti-fog SEALS)

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SEALS are the solution for a fogless view. They solve foggy glasses and discomfort on nose due to mask wearing.

Tired of having a foggy view or having your mask fall down when you talk?

Our patent-pending SEALS are anti-microbial, machine washable, and comfortable to wear!

  • [FOG FREE] For people who wear glasses, the SEAL is a good solution to the problem of fogging when wearing a mask, especially in the winter or in cold weather.
  • [ANTIMICROBIAL SOFT FOAM MATERIAL] The anti-fog SEAL is made of high-quality PPE foam material. It is super-soft, lightweight, reusable, hand-washable, and durable.
  • [REDUCES MASK SLIDE] The SEAL provides more space between your nose and the mask so that the fabric will not be absorbed when you breathe. It also helps keep the mask on your face, helping to keep your hands off your face and mask.
  • [EASY TO USE] Place the SEAL on the mask using our double-sided tape (included), align SEAL to the center of the nose bridge on the mask. The SEAL allows for the redirection of air away from the eyes, reducing the fogging of eyewear or dry eyes.
  • [CLEVER DESIGN] The adjustable, anti-fog design allows you to customize your fit to one of our four SEALS sizing options. It redirects hot air out toward the sides of your mask or other covering, redirecting the air. No more foggy glasses!
  • [TWO MASK COVERS] Each pack comes with TWO microfiber, made in the USA mask covers that tie behind your ear. They are lightweight, machine washable, and comfortable to wear.
  • [TIPS] The SEAL works best when your mask is fitted properly. If you have any confusion about the picture or description, you can contact us directly, we will solve it for you.

Consult the CDC for the most updated mask mandates.
For Individuals read here for further information on CDC guidelines.
For businesses read here for further information on CDC guidelines.