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Ripple Safety Device and 6-Months of 24/7 Professional Monitoring Service

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Ripple allows you to live life with the comfort, peace of mind and sense of security we all seek, by always keeping you just a click away from your own professional safety team. Ripple’s discreetly designed wearable is the size of a dime, water-resistant, never needs to be recharged, and conveniently attaches to jewelry, clothing, or keys so it is always accessible when you need it most. The wearable device connects via Bluetooth to our app on your smartphone where you build out your personal profile and connect your device. Once your personal profile is complete, all of the critical information you once had to verbally communicate to 9-1-1 is instantly shared with first responders in an emergency without you having to do any work.

In an emergency, simply click your Ripple device 3 or more times to trigger an emergency alert into Ripple’s 24/7 professional monitoring center. Our monitoring team will be able to view your location, personal profile, and dispatch local emergency resources directly to you, ensuring you get the help you need instantly and accurately.

Ripple is far more than a tiny safety device, it’s a 24/7/365 safety support team ensuring there’s always someone for you to turn to when you need help. Whether you have a genuine emergency with just moments to act, or simply feel uncomfortable walking to your car alone, our team is always standing by ready to have your back.

  • EMERGENCY alert (3 or more clicks): Receive Police or EMS dispatch to your location
  • NON-EMERGENCY alert (1 click): Instantly receive a call to your cell phone from the Ripple monitoring team who will stay on the line until you feel safe.

Ripple works on both iPhone and Android and our monitoring team services all 50 states. If you have health concerns, you can tailor your Ripple to perform as a medical alert device and dispatch EMS services if you experience a medical emergency. And after about 6 months when your device’s battery life begins to run low, we mail you a brand new Ripple device for free well before your original ever expires.

Your purchase here includes a Ripple device and 6 full months of 24/7 professional monitoring service. After your first 6 months with Ripple, you will receive a free replacement device and continued safety support from our professional monitoring team protecting you 24/7/365 across the United States for only $14.95/month. The subscription is for one account. Each account is tied to the individuals phone number. Join now and experience all we can provide to you and your loved ones.