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Own Zone Wireless TV Headphones By Sharper Image

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OWN ZONE™ Wireless TV Headphones By Sharper Image® allow you to watch TV without disrupting others, and without others disrupting you! Surround yourself with full stereo sound. Watch the game without interruption from kids or watch your favorite movie while your significant other sleeps next to you; it’s that convenient! The headphones work with 2.4GHz Digital Technology that transmits up to 100FT and wirelessly connects to virtually any TV in seconds!* Headphones work right out of the box, no pairing required! Features adjustable headband and super-soft ear pads and includes all charging and audio cables needed! Connect to your TV with one of three included cables; AUX, RCA, or Optical. Rechargeable headphones; one full battery charge lasts up to 10 hours.

*Works With All TV’s With An Audio Output Source (Optical, AUX/Headphone, RCA)

Tip Site: https://ownzonetips.com/

Important info on tip site:

  • Installation videos by cable type
  • General installation/how-to video
  • Soundbar installation guide
  • Tech support contact info (directs to Fosdick)


How does the Own Zone Transmitter connect to a device (TV, Computer, DVR, Cable Box)?
The Own Zone transmitter can connect to your device using two cables: one of the included Audio cables for the sound and the included USB cable for power.

The cables included are:

  • Optical Cable
  • RCA Cable
  • AUX Cable
  • USB Cables

Can Own Zone be used with a computer or laptop?
Yes! Plug the AUX cable into the computer/laptop’s headphone port & the other end into the transmitter. Then, power the transmitter by putting the small end into the transmitter & the large end into the computer/laptop. Adjust the volume on your computer/laptop.

Can two headsets be paired to one transmitter or is it only one headset for each transmitter?
Yes, multiple headsets can be paired to one transmitter. Follow the pairing instructions on page 8 of your instruction manual.

How do I charge the headphones?
The preferred method of charging is using the included Micro USB cable with a USB power source (not included), such as a cell phone charger or computer. You can also charge through your TV, but please ensure the TV is powered ON.

I hear a beep during audio playback, what is this?
Your headphones need to be charged. Use the included micro USB cable to charge your headphones.

When using headphones on a TV can others also hear the TV?
Yes, when using the Optical or RCA cable connection methods, others will be able to hear the TV normally. You can also mute the TV and listen via the headphones if you prefer others to not hear the TV.

Why isn’t the provided optical cable fitting into my TV’s port?
The optical cable that is included with your Own Zone has plastic coverings at the end of each side that needs to be removed before use.