OnixGRIP -MAX Phone Wallet - [OnixBlue]

OnixGRIP -MAX Phone Wallet - [OnixBlue]

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The OnixBLUE is our latest SIGNATURE COLOR. Recently launched to represent character and style portrayed in our OnixGRIP brand.

The OnixMAX offers you the same features of the OnixSOLO ring function, but with the added benefits of holding the MAXimum amount of cards on the market, up to 6, compared to any other type of product. Add on the OnixCLIP for the ability to remove, swap, and wireless charge.

Key features of the OnixMAX:

  • RFID blocking protects the sensitive information of today's credit cards.
  • Lightweight aluminum design, just under 3 oz.
  • The comfortable design makes holding your cell phone even more secure.
  • Anodizing technique is used to ensure that colors will never fade.
  • Cards will never fall out, whether you have 1 or 3 or 6 cards.
  • The slide lever on the bottom ejects the cards when slid to the right.
  • Able to withstand being dropped from 4 feet, will not break apart.
  • NEVER FORCETHE CARDS in the wallet. It CAN hold UP TO 6 cards.
Please Note: If it is hard to push the cards in the wallet, it will be hard to push the cards out.

You have two choices to adhere yourOnixMAXto your cell phone or case, either use one of the two adhesives included or use the OnixCLIP.

What comes with the OnixMAX?

  • 1 White Reusable/Removable Adhesive, meant for switching between phones
  • 1 Red 3M VHB Adhesive, meant for hard to stick to surfaces
  • The OnixCLIP Pak designed for the MAX