Mermaid Collagen Serum

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Mermaids don't get wrinkles. That's why we stole their secret and packed our Mermaid Collagen Serum with 46% marine collagen for anti-aging potency that's strong enough to rule the seven seas. 

Our skin loses its youthful appearance as we age due to decreased collagen production, but our Mermaid Collagen Serum helps to replenish what's lost, so you can keep wrinkles at bay and help your skin retain its elasticity. We chose marine collagen for this serum because the molecular weight is small enough (coming in at a slim 2000 Daltons) to penetrate the skin for deep hydration. 

And marine collagen is rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals and help your skin heal faster. All that means is that you're left with deeply hydrated skin that is stronger, healthier, and can combat the effects of sun damage, environmental stressors, and dehydration. This deeply nourishing serum was designed to give you a lustrous, youthful glow for the most luminous skin ever.

Who says mermaids get to have all the fun? With our Mermaid Collagen Serum, perfect skin isn't a fantasy.