Knork Knork Eco Party Bundle Pack

Knork Knork Eco Party Bundle Pack

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The Knork Party Plate is perfect for everything from backyard BBQs and cocktail parties to black tie affairs. With a cutout to hold a wine glass, your guests will have a free hand to eat or greet friends with a wave. Pair it with the Eco fork--which can cut through most foods with ease—and expand your menu beyond simple finger foods or hors d'oeuvres.  Use the grooved notch as your Knork nestling spot for your fork until you’re ready to chow down again.

The perfect couple: The Knork Eco Party Plate and Fork

Made of sugar cane starch + bamboo offcuts, Dishwasher safe-toss them in and you're ready for the next big shindig. No more plastic waste!  Use and reuse. When you're ready to dispose of them, they compost down and return to their roots and back to the dirt.


Exclusive Eco Bundle includes: 

  • Eco Party Plate 2 pk (cocktail appetizer wine tray, made of reusable bamboo/sugarcane with a crazy smart design) 
  • Eco flatware 24 Piece Gray ( 8 eco forks, 8 eco knives, 8 eco spoons)  made of bamboo/sugarcane paired with Knork's ergonomic smart functional design.  the Knork fork's super power is a built in cutting ability
  • Forged Stainless Steel Knork Dinner fork 2 PK  (the original piece to Knork - how it all started :)