Icybag cooling cosmetic bag with 2 gel packs (Black)

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Icybag is a cosmetic bag with a cool twist - it's fully insulated and includes 2 freezer gels pack to keep your beauty, health and snack items cool!

Many items including lip balm, makeup, hand sanitizer, medications, snacks, and health care products can melt in your purse or car. Our compact and stylish bag will help to protect these items - just freeze the gel pack and you're ready to go! Your items will stay cool for hours! 

Icybag is made of water-resistant rip-stop nylon and has a thermal insulated lining. Our reusable gel packs are FDA registered and will stay frozen over 3 times longer than frozen water. Keep 1 gel pack ready to go in the freezer or use both gel packs in your Icybag!

Icybag will be your "coolest" companion at the beach, pool, golf course, or in the car. Wherever you're heading, Icybag will be chillin' by your side!