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The ambience of a flickering fire is one of the most basic human enjoyments.  We spent years developing and bringing to life a product that will bring this enjoyment into your home in the most accessible way possible. With just 5 ounces of 70% or 91% isopropyl rubbing alcohol, you will have roughly 50 minutes of burn time. With soot only where the flame touches (in a ventilated area), no carbon monoxide, and safe to cook over, FLÎKR Fire® is as versatile as you need it to be.  And heat?  While emitting a cozy warmth there is no need to turn down your a/c. And being safe to cook over, FLÎKR Fire® makes s’mores more possible than ever before!

FLîKR Fire is happiest when burning.  However, if you want to turn it off or dress it up while not lit, you will be able to do so with our snuffing lid!

Our Snuffing Lid is precisely engineered to quickly snuff out the flame with minimal heat transfer to the handle and a beautiful design! 

Included: Cement Unit, Base, and Lid.  


5 oz isopropyl alcohol


45-60 minutes


5” diameter 

4.5” height.


Proprietary non-absorbent, high-temperature cement.

Base is aluminum 


FLÎKR Fire is inspired by the Wabi Sabi aesthetic: simply doin what it is designed to do, accepting of flaws, and bringing natural elements and textures to the home.  In light of this, each unit is guaranteed to be unique in color and texture (air pockets). 



  • FLÎKR Fire is NOT to be used with any other fuels, such as bio ethanol.
  • NOTE: Isopropyl alcohol has a full-combustion when burned. Soot is only created when there is a lack of oxygen. It's just science. If you have an air-exchanger in your home or in any way, a "tight" home, assure a window is open as you enjoy FLÎKR Fire.
  • ANOTHER NOTE: Always double-check that the word, "isopropyl" is on the bottle. "Rubbing alcohol" can actually be different from, "isopropyl rubbing alcohol" in that it can contain camphor oil or other oils, which can leave undesirable soot.
  • Do NOT add more fuel to the unit while lit. 


Designed by Seera Creative INC in Tennessee