Brookstone Smart WiFi Universal Remote Control

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  • Get an innovative home assistant that can control IR devices in your household wherever you are. Wireless communication, IR technology turns your smartphone into a universal remote control that free-handedly integrates home entertainment and home automation devices.
  • Manage your smart devices at home via the app. You will be able to control devices such as remote-controlled smart TVs, tv boxes, box fans, and any other IR devices/appliances using voice activation to provide you a relaxed, efficient, and superb entertainment at home.
  • Use on IR devices/appliances as universal air conditioner remote control or smart ceiling fan switch for hands-free smart fan controller to set their starting and shutdown time. Our IR universal remotes provide a convenient yet organized controllability of home devices at once for your own service and comfort.
  • Elevate the ease of access in your smart home! An IR smart remote that connects with your existing wifi network. Set it up as your IR smart ac controller and also bring your IR smart home devices together with our easy and fast device pairing application, Brookstone Smart App
  • Brookstone Smart WIFI Control is compatible and works great with Google Assistant and is amazing as Amazon Alexa Devices. Universal WIFi controller is Alexa compatible via voice activation the same as with Google Voice Assistant.