Somerpointe Resorts Travel Offer FAQ

A getaway for $99 sounds too good to be true. Is this a legitimate offer?

Yes. Local Steals and Deals is collaborating with Somperpointe Resorts and Tahiti Village to offer this amazing getaway to our viewers. Tahiti Village is an 876-unit property in Las Vegas on the south end of the Strip. It is Somerpointe Resorts’ flagship in a chain of resort properties in Nevada, Hawaii, and Florida.

Is this a timeshare offer?


Do you provide airfare?

This offer does not include airfare.

Why must I sit through a timeshare presentation?

As a gift to you for your time, we provide you with an unbelievable deal of $99 for a getaway to Las Vegas. We hope the time spent with us will encourage you to take control of your vacation lifestyle. We acknowledge vacation ownership may not be for everyone, and attending our presentation is the only way to determine if it’s right for you.

If I don’t qualify, can I still stay and/or purchase ownership at Tahiti Village?

Of course! Competitive room rates are available to all consumers. Also, if you are interested in purchasing ownership outside of this marketing offer, please email us at Any timeshare marketing offers are completely separate from your ability to stay or purchase ownership at Tahiti Village. Similar to many other companies that target certain audiences, this offer is available to consumers that meet multiple criteria and attend a timeshare presentation during their stay. All eligibility criteria for timeshare marketing offers, such as age, income and cohabitation requirements, etc., are in full compliance with relevant state and federal law.

Do you provide transportation from the airport to the resort?

We do not provide transportation from the airport. However, our staff will gladly assist you in securing all of your transportation needs.

Can I bring another couple?

The offer is designed for a single-family. The suite comfortably accommodates 2 adults and 2 children.

Can I purchase additional nights?

Unfortunately, no. Due to limited availability, the maximum stay for our promotional offers is a 4 day 3-night Getaway.