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usa mpas connecticut
Gary Schloss

The inception for the BlocAid Barrier Glove story came...Learn More

BlocAid Anti Bacterial Barrier Glove
$16.00 $19.99
usa mpas Arizona
Evan Forsythe, Kellan Lutz

Blackout Bands modern day sleep masks were created in 2015 by Kellan Lutz...Learn More

Blackout Bands Modern Sleep Mask- Raven
$22.00 $34.99
usa mpas New Mexico
Katie Uilk and Dr. Kristina Trujillo
K&K are sisters-in-law that couldn't be any different! Katie is a has been hand crafting...Learn More
Maintenance & Revitalizing 3-Step Routine
$59.20 $74.00
usa mpas Georgia
Reginald Kelly
KYVAN® Body Essentials is a destination for unique, wholesome body care products with a mission...Learn More
Ultimate Lip Smacker - Variety 6 Pack Lip Balms
$20.78 $25.98
usa mpas Georgia
Marla Pruitte
Mary Alice Cakes, LLC was created and founded by Marla...Learn More
Mary Alice Perfect White Cake Mix - 3 pack
$16.78 $20.97
usa mpas South Carolina
Nieci Pryor

On a rainy day in South Carolina several years ago, Nieci Pryor realized...Learn More

Meow Delight
$16.00 $19.00
usa mpas Georgia
Reginald Kelly
Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Reggie Kelly and I’m the Founder...Learn More
Mild Honey Apple Salsa - 2 Pack
$15.98 $19.98
usa mpas Connecticut
Francine Coughlin
I'm Francine, creator of The Original Blow-Out. For years, when...Learn More
The Original Blow-Out
$13.50 $20.00
usa mpas Washington
Terri Entler

Terri Entler from Washington struggled to find the product that she needed for her beloved...Learn More

Senior Health Pack
$48.00 $59.99
usa mpas Massachusetts
Mayada Rezek
Hello, My Name is Mayada Rezek, and I am the...Learn More
MayaLASH Combo 1
$46.31 $57.90
usa mpas New York
David G. Arce
My product line was founded in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn in the spring of 2020....Learn More
Flying Razors Shave Bundle 3-in-1
$34.00 $40.00
usa mpas Georgia
Leslie Criden
Ziparoos reusable storage bags are an eco-friendly alternative to single use plastic bags. All of...Learn More
Reusable Bag 10-piece Bundle Set
$24.99 $31.26
usa mpas Florida
Karen Ganovsky

Anyone who uses reading glasses knows how frustrating it...Learn More

Catherine Tassel
$24.75 $32.99
usa mpas Connecticut
Amy Schuster

Lucky You Flowers creates adorable affordable unforgettable flower arrangements...Learn More

The Original
$22.00 $34.99
usa mpas Nevada
Sheri Long

Sheri Long’s Sugar and Spice Peanut Butter Balls began as an accident; a...Learn More

Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls: 12 Count Box
$16.80 $21.00
usa mpas Connecticut
Beth Bogdan

Beth Bogdan of Connecticut founded Sound Naturals in 2020....Learn More

Sun and Sea Gift Set
$29.59 $36.99
usa mpas Illinois
Kendra Kroll

Talk about an accidental entrepreneur…that would be Kendra Kroll, of Chicago, Illinois. She...Learn More

PortaPocket Special 4-pc Kit (modular wearables for cellphones, ID/cards, passports & more!)
$39.99 $50.00
usa mpas Massachusetts
Mojgan Anvari-Brumby

Mojgan Anvari-Brumby calls Massachusetts home, but her roots are in her native Iran....Learn More

Ultimate TLC For Dry Skin Package
$77.00 $97.00
usa mpas Connecticut
Kathy Cohen

Kathy Cohen of Connecticut created the Icybag after everything melted in her cosmetic...Learn More

Icybag cooling cosmetic bag with 2 gel packs (Blue)
$17.99 $22.99
usa mpas Georgia
Christian and Hanna Friese
The OnixGRIP brand was created by Christian Friese and Hanna,...Learn More
OnixGRIP - DUO Cardholder - [Black]
$24.00 $39.50
usa mpas Georgia
Kimberly Pinkston

Pretty in Pinkston Skincare is a skincare line with a purpose. A black-owned,...Learn More

Exfoliating Face Scrub
$25.00 $35.00
usa mpas Tennessee
Susan Turcotte

Prop My Pix was created to display to special...Learn More

Reusable, Self-Stick Easel Back for Photos, Picture Frames, Smart Phones and More!
$13.99 $17.99
usa mpas Massachusetts
Lena Phan

Little Aller-G's, LLC is a kid's allergy awareness apparel...Learn More

Please don't feed me! - Girl T-Shirt
$13.20 $16.50
usa mpas
Cathy Cowan & Jaz Cowan
usa mpas California
Randi Schatz
Our mask chains are chic, stylish, and very light to...Learn More
Rose Gold Mask Chain
$40.00 $50.00
usa mpas Tennessee
Savannah Cleveland

Unity PPE is a Nashville-based, woman-owned startup. 

Their female co founders...Learn More

SEALS: The Solution to Foggy Glasses (2 x microfiber masks + 3x anti-fog SEALS)
$26.50 $33.95
Stay tuned, we're always on the hunt for more local brands.