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Jackie Hart, a Georgia resident,  created the Sleep Tight Nightgown to bring support and comfort for the ladies. With a built-in bra, this gown looks great enough to wear around the house at night, or while hanging out watching TV.

So how did she get here? After creating the Private Holdings Boxer Brief for men, she decided that  the "ladies" needed a little support too! Jackie was tired of wearing a sports bra under her PJs, hauling robes on trips or having to go to the door with her hands strategically placed in front of her chest. 

Her daughter soon discovered the Sleep Tight was the perfect nursing bra. And sadly after her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, she also saw how valuable a Sleep Tight Gown could be for post-op mastectomy patients.

Size up if in doubt. There are adjustable straps to help it fit just right!!

Sleep Tight Gown
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Ships by Dec 03, 2020