Kalorik Cobra Series 6" Nakiri Knife
Kalorik Cobra Series

Kalorik Cobra Series 6" Nakiri Knife

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Experience the superb cutting performance of Japanese Carbon Stainless Steel.

High carbon stainless steel is the choice of more advanced cooks and professionals who seek superb cooking performance, now made available to the professional cooks in your own home! The Cobra print on the blade creates air pockets that allow the knives to cut with ease. The Cobra print also makes the knife have a nonstick effect which makes cutting and cleaning much more efficient. The 6" Nakiri knife is known as the Japanese-style knife used for chopping vegetables. Characterized by its straight blade edge and squared-off tips, the Nakiri knife allows you to cut all the way through the cutting board without having to use a horizontal push or pull. Great special knife to have in the kitchen when making your favorite stir fry or salad.

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