Kalorik Cobra Series 3 Piece Chef/Prep/Paring Knife Set
Kalorik Cobra Series

Kalorik Cobra Series 3 Piece Chef/Prep/Paring Knife Set

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Experience the superb cutting performance of Japanese Carbon Stainless Steel.

High carbon stainless steel is the choice of more advanced cooks and professionals who seek superb cooking performance, now made available to the professional cooks in your own home! The Cobra print on the blade creates air pockets that allow the knives to cut with ease and are very popular with dishes that use raw ingredients that need to be cleanly cut and need to retain the best possible texture and flavor. The Cobra print also makes the knife have a nonstick effect which makes cutting and cleaning much more efficient. This set comes with an 8" Chef knife which is used for mincing, slicing, and chopping vegetables, slicing meat, and disjointing large cuts; a 5.5" Prep knife that is used for food prepping such as peeling vegetables, chopping fruits, deveining shrimp and slicing cheese; and a 3.5" Paring knife which has a plain edge that is ideal for peeling fruits and vegetables and other intricate work such as removing seeds, skinning or cutting small garnishes.

A great kit for a beginner to an advanced level chef!

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