Kalorik Cobra Series 2pc Bread/Utility Knife Set
Kalorik Cobra Series

Kalorik Cobra Series 2pc Bread/Utility Knife Set

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Experience the superb cutting performance of Japanese Carbon Stainless Steel.

High carbon stainless steel is the choice of more advanced cooks and professionals who seek superb cooking performance, now made available to the professional cooks in your own home! The Cobra print on the blade creates air pockets that allow the knives to cut with ease. The Cobra print also makes the knife have a nonstick effect which makes cutting and cleaning much more efficient. The 8" Bread knife comes with a serrated blade that cuts soft bread without crushing it, the 5" Utility knife (not to be confused with the small, retractable knife that fits in your pocket, is used for a variety of tasks from cutting midsized fruits and veggies to slicing up meats and cheeses. Two very essential cooking knives to have in your knife collection!

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