Natural Deodorant (Lavender Citrus)

Natural Deodorant (Lavender Citrus)

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We are so excited to introduce FREEDOM Natural Deodorants that ACTUALLY WORK! We are helping people be healthier, one armpit at a time. Let’s all be healthy and not stinky!

  • A scent like walking into a 5 star spa, it's our happy place
  • The clean, no-fuss formula is all about tested and tried natural ingredients.
  • The antibacterial properties of our natural deodorants has clinically tested 24-hour odor protection.
  • Our all-natural waxes and oils keep the delicate area safe from dehydration and allows our deodorant to glide on with ease
  • A little goes a long way! Two swipes, and you’re ready for your day.
  • Proudly made in the USA

How to use: Gently glide the deodorant on with one or two swipes. For ultimate protection, massage the formula into your skin.

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