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BOY MEETS GIRL® has teamed with Survivor Corps to bring you community masks at a time of need, and provide a way to give back. Survivor Corps was formed to provide research institutes with an easy way to connect with COVID-19 survivors directly, so the sickest among us can be helped without further delay. On Friday, April 3, 2020, the government of America endorsed the use of face masks acknowledging that they help reduce the spread of infectious diseases.

"BOY MEETS GIRL® by Stacy Igel was a natural fit for us. Stacy has created a brand that gives back to causes time and time again. She always seems to find a way to spread awareness while inspiring change and that is what Survivor Corps is all about."

- Diana Berrent

Diana Berrent, a Port Washington mother, had been a prisoner in her own bedroom after testing positive for the coronavirus. She became one of the first people on Long Island to contract COVID-19. She decided she would get better and find a way to help others once she was well. Stuck in her room, she decided she had to find a way to connect survivors like herself to medical studies in order to help save lives.

Survivor Corps is a grassroots organization that exists as a public page on Facebook and Instagram, a public group that anyone can join that posts information for survivors and a website that has an opt-in database to help survivors connect to medical research institutions who need to use survivor's blood and plasma to study this virus." 

“I feel incredibly lucky to have survived COVID-19, but others may not be so lucky,” says Berrent. “I strongly encourage people who have already had COVID-19 to consider being screened; it’s one of the most important ways to help other patients right now. Please check out our Survivor Corps to learn more about how you can be a superhero and save lives."


  • Double-layer design with a side opening.

  • Mask accepts up to 6" x 6" sheets of air filter material for extra protection against airborne particles.

  • Continuous loop of durable flat elastic adjusts to all head shapes/sizes.

  • Designed to fit over most N95 respirators.

  • The pink insert below demonstrates how an air filter may be inserted to create extra protection.

  • Back-side of mask is BLACK.


  • Care for your masks like your favorite t-shirt:
    machine wash with like whites, tumble-dry low or lat flat to dry. 

  • FABRIC: 100% polyester 

DISCLAIMER: This not an N95 or N95-equivalent & is not designed to be a substitute for a respirator. CDC guidelines recommend that healthcare professionals use respirators when available while treating patients with known or suspected COVID-19. Our mask alone can't be guaranteed to stop the virus, however using the mask with a filter will lower your risk of contracting it, when paired with consistent hand-washing and other healthy practices. 

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