FlexSafe Biometric Fingerprint Lock with Interchangeable Cables

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For ultra quick access to your "stuff' the FlexSafe Biometric Fingerprint Lock from AquaVault will be the only lock you will need. This small and strong lock will replace all your other locks & includes 4 interchangeable cables.

🔒   Interchangeable Cables (Includes Travel Cable, Heavy Duty Cable, Sport Cable and Bike Cable).

🔋 USB Rechargeable  (One Charge 1000 Unlocks)

💧 Water and Dust Resistant (IP66 Level)

    • Have you ever wanted one lock to replace them all? This padlock and key/ combination alternative will replace all of the other locks you own. Easily change the cables for whatever job you need to get done. Great for lockers, suitcases, bags, skis & snowboards, bikes, storage units, the gym, sports & more.
    • Use Your Fingerprint to Unlock. Never lose your key again. Stores up to 10 fingerprints. No computer is needed. It is small, portable, and versatile. At just 2.8oz, this mighty tough padlock is light and convenient to carry.
    • Biometric Fingerprint Unlocking Technology (1 Second Unlock), Waterproof and Dustproof (IP66 Level,) Extremely Durable & Easy to Use (Zinc Alloy Metal Construction), Low Power Consumption (One Charge Supports 1000 Unlocks)
    • Patent Pending Interchangeable Locking Cables. Includes 4 different locking cables (Travel, Heavy Duty, Sport, & Bike). This small portable padlock will be the only lock you will ever need

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