The inception for the BlocAid Barrier Glove story came at that moment when the world came to realize that the pandemic was here to stay and was not going to pass quickly. Having spent the better part of 36 years developing and producing technical gloves, we felt a need to create a personal PPE solution that focused on the hands and all that we touch day to day. One critical aspect of this mission was to create the science around and produce the product right here in the USA. We partnered with EcoZinc to use their patented Zinc based technology and extrude the anti bacterial and anti UV properties directly into the yarns and fibers for our gloves. It was also imperative that our solution would be eco friendly as mountains of discarded single use PPE are showing up in local landfills.

Our product is effective in creating a cleaner personal environment for the wearer, is safe for the body while continuously killing surface bacteria and germs and is also far better for the planet.

BlocAid Anti Bacterial Barrier Glove

BlocAid Anti Bacterial Barrier Glove
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